7/22/2015 | Curbed Detroit

Not all makers focus on our delight and entertainment—some bring their creativity and skill to solving humanity's worst problems. Dara Dotz will represent that faction at Maker Faire with a demonstration of work by Field Ready, an organization that helps make needed items in the field to help communities rebuild after natural disasters.


6/25/2015 |  Robotics Tomorrow

...designer and innovative humanitarian Dara Dotz doing a special presentation on Field Ready, a 3D printing program focusing in on on-demand manufacturing in post-Disaster Zones.


5/29/2015 | 3DPrint.com

A recent paper by A. Dara Dotz, entitled “A Pilot of 3D Printing of Medical Devices in Haiti,” explored the deployment of this technology in the ...


4/14/2015 | EcoWatch

A 3D printer “can now print an umbilical cord clip in less than eight minutes,” said Field Ready's Dara Dotz. Photo Credit: Field Ready.


4/6/2015 | 3DPrint.com

Dara Dotz is a pioneer in 3D printing in troubled and sparse environments. She’s the founder of...


1/27/2015 | Core77.com

They hosted Field Ready's 3D printers and the staff participated in 3D printing lessons offered by me and Dara Dotz, a principal designer for Field Ready.


9/7/2012 | Gizmodo

..there's a reverse side to that [drone] narrative—an autonomous copter can drop medicine and supplies to people stranded after a natural disaster even when roads have been demolished.