September 12, 2018 Solidworks Podcast: Designing in Crisis with Dara Dotz

There are some people who see these disasters as opportunities, and jump right into the storm (pun intended).  Dara Dotz is one of these people.  Dara and her co-workers at Field Ready offer a different approach to helping those in need, and actually design and produce needed items on location.

AUGUST 16, 2017 Harvard Business Review: To Come Up with a Good Idea, Start by Imagining the Worst Idea Possible

Dara Dotz is removing obstacles to rapid recovery in humanitarian disasters with her NGO, Field Ready. Rather than relying on slow, expensive supply chains to import disaster relief, Field Ready empowers people in disaster-struck areas with the technology and expertise to make life-saving and life-sustaining supplies onsite. To help disaster victims realize their own recovery, Field Ready teams begin by listening. Suddenly the victim is the superhero and the designers and engineers are the sidekick, collaborating together to find the best solutions. Empowering your team with agency allows everyone to offer solutions and innovate

June 15, 2018 Fast Company 

This nonprofit is the MacGyver of tough problems in war zones - Field Ready, a San Francisco nonprofit comes up with ingenious solutions to the toughest problems in countries like Syria. In Syria, as bombs continue to fall in that country’s seven-year civil war and descent into hell, there’s a man in a cave, working his ass off to try to cobble together on-the-fly fixes to broken medical equipment. 

January 27, 2018 CNBC   

Often times, relief efforts only provide temporary support, failing to give communities in crisis the momentum necessary to rebuild. One non-profit, Field Ready, is hoping to change that.

November 15, 2017 State Department  

When Women Do Better, Countries Do Better - Women entrepreneurs have come up with extraordinary innovations that are transforming millions of lives around the world.

Decembar 12, 2017 FrenchWeb    

Field Ready mise sur l’impression 3D pour fournir de l’aide dans les zones sinistrées - Les ouragans Harvey, Irma et San José ou encore les séismes au Mexique, en Iran et en Italie ont tristement marqué l’actualité en 2017. 

March 21, 2017 Make Magazine    

Dara Dotz on Applying Maker Skills to Disaster Areas …co-founder of Field Ready, a non-profit organization that applies maker skills in disaster areas and communities of need. This emerging practice is sometimes called “humanitarian making.

July 27, 2016 Intel     

Ashley Dara Dotz Uses Frugal Innovation to Save Lives - From creating a zero-gravity 3D printer to developing 3D-printed umbilical clamps, innovative humanitarian and designer Ashley Dara Dotz is at the forefront of a movement that’s helping the world do more with less.

7/22/2015 | Curbed Detroit

Not all makers focus on our delight and entertainment—some bring their creativity and skill to solving humanity's worst problems. Dara Dotz will represent that faction at Maker Faire with a demonstration of work by Field Ready, an organization that helps make needed items in the field to help communities rebuild after natural disasters.

6/25/2015 |  Robotics Tomorrow

...designer and innovative humanitarian Dara Dotz doing a special presentation on Field Ready, a 3D printing program focusing in on on-demand manufacturing in post-Disaster Zones.

5/29/2015 |

A recent paper by A. Dara Dotz, entitled “A Pilot of 3D Printing of Medical Devices in Haiti,” explored the deployment of this technology in the ...

4/14/2015 | EcoWatch

A 3D printer “can now print an umbilical cord clip in less than eight minutes,” said Field Ready's Dara Dotz. Photo Credit: Field Ready.

4/6/2015 |

Dara Dotz is a pioneer in 3D printing in troubled and sparse environments. She’s the founder of...

1/27/2015 |

They hosted Field Ready's 3D printers and the staff participated in 3D printing lessons offered by me and Dara Dotz, a principal designer for Field Ready.

9/7/2012 | Gizmodo

..there's a reverse side to that [drone] narrative—an autonomous copter can drop medicine and supplies to people stranded after a natural disaster even when roads have been demolished.


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