Field Ready

Co Founder

Field Ready provides solutions to the most pressing logistical challenges in remote and difficult to work places. Designed by aid workers for aid workers, our transformational approach will lead to significant cost savings and dramatically improved results. We're all about impact in the field. Our time there gives us a personal view on what it's like to help solve people's problems with them on-the-ground. Whether a young refugee innovator, a mother who's sparked an idea for improving the lives of children, a hardworking inventor or one of our team members, their stories are worth sharing.

Made In Space

Human Factors Lead

Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) in space will radically enable the space industry. Building parts, structures, and tools in space will not only reduce launch mass and size constraints, it will also enable the capability to build parts when needed, on-demand.


The Girls Lounge

Designer and Subject Matter Expert

The Girls’ Lounge champions, supports and inspires women. If we could have done it alone, we would have by now. We believe that the more we advocate for one another and embrace what makes us different, the better business and life will be for everyone. #ConfidenceIsBeautiful


Orbis Institute

Global Fellow

Consulted and collaborated with 8 indigenous and international NGOs to develop and foster intertribal/interfaith dialogues and community projects. Researched and created business boot camp plan for subsistence farmers, teaching business skills, market development, safer farming practices, permaculture techniques, design, and problem solving skill development. Organized a unified cross-cultural interdisciplinary project funded by local NGOs to positively impact 10,000+ community members within 2 years of launch. This Self Sustaining Social Business Venture Project is designed to be scalable with measurable and repeatable results.